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Hire WordPress Website Freelancer


You can Hire WordPress Website Freelancer for any kind of Custom WordPress Website at adiants.com.


We design all kind of wordpress cms, ecommerce, blog and fourm, directory kind of website. Please post your query.


Adiants is a leading WordPress Website Freelancer and Website Design and development Agency and we offer services at cost-effective rates.

We can give you Custom WordPress Website, Theme Customisation, WordPress Plugin Customisation and WordPress maintenance.

Hire WordPress Website FreelancerWith expertise in complex WordPress CMS programming, our reliable WordPress Website freelancers will provide the best development & customized solutions.


You can hire top WordPress freelancers as long as you need them for your project at monthly fee.  You have the option to hire one dedicated WordPress freelancer and scale the team.


We provide our services across countries like the USA- New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Canada- Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, Australia- Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and other nations.

Hire Freelance WordPress Developer to avail the following solutions:

  • Theme development
  • WordPress extension or module development
  • WordPress plug-in development
  • Module installation & system design
  • CMS development
  • WordPress web development
  • Theme or template customization

Hire WordPress Website Freelancer

WordPress is an open source blogging tool. It is an effective Content Management System, which is preferred and used on more than fourteen million websites.

WordPress is based on MySQL and PHP and gives user friendly features, which include a plug-in architecture and a template system. This feature makes it the most popular CMS on the Internet.

What are the Advantages of WordPress for your site?

  • Easy to use
  • Additional plug-ins and themes
  • SEO friendly
  • Own domain name
  • Totally free

Our Skill set:

  • jQuery & JavaScript programming, and interaction design
  • CSS3 style sheet authoring
  • Grid-based & typographic layouts,
  • fluid layouts, and responsive design
  • WordPress advanced theme development
  • PHP programming

Industry that We Serve:

  • Travel Industry
  • Retail
  • Finance and Banking
  • Customer Support
  • Supply Chain
  • Education
  • Healthcare

Completely Responsive WordPress Site:

We specialize in mobile-friendly, responsive web design and add responsive technology for every web project.

Our responsive designs will allow your website to be fully functional on various screen sizes and devices.

We Design Unique WordPress Site:

  • An effective website in New York needs careful planning and precise execution.
  • We have the experience to create visually appealing and user friendly designs.
  • Most importantly, we know how to convert visitors into customers.
  • We have years of experience in building professional WordPress websites and we know what works and what doesn’t.
  • We design engaging, modern WordPress sites that are practical and easy to navigate.
  • We are passionate about getting it right the first time and we create websites that work well and attract attention.
  • We are fluent in English, WordPress, Color, and SEO.

WordPress Services:

  • We make beautiful WordPress themes which can give a professional and tailored look to your current website or blog.
  • Create custom WordPress sites that suit all your needs.
  • We offer fast and secure hosting service for WordPress sites.
  • Build WordPress plugins of any complexity which can fulfil your specific business requirements.
  • Examine existing WordPress installations for security threats and help remediate them.
  • Offer support services that ensure that your WordPress installation stays secure and up to date.
  • Optimize the structure and the content of your WordPress website to attain the best search engine visibility.
  • Optimize the plugins and widgets, introduce caching, and revise the page structure in order to improve the overall performance of your WordPress site.