seo ranking factor 2018

Why SEO is important and mention the SEO Ranking Factor in 2018?

SEO Ranking Factor 2018 is important for any business. SEO algorithm keeps changing frequently and to maintain the rankings both organic and paid, it is imperative to keep pace with the dynamic concept. There are some key parameters to keep a track. There are two most important ranking factor of SEO in 2018.

1. On-Site SEO
2. Off-Site SEO

SEO Ranking Factor 2018On-Site SEO:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is simply the process of telling the search engines what you want to show up for.

Many people don’t have a good understanding of SEO or why it is necessary. Some people seem to think that SEO can get them in trouble with Google.

While it’s true that “black hat” SEO will get you in trouble, Google genuinely wants you to participate in “white hat” SEO, since it is how the most relevant results are determined.

The #1 most important place you do that is your title tags(recommended 60 char). There are some guidelines for title tags but they are a little fuzzy, so in some ways it’s as much an art as it is a science.


The key is good keyword research and relevance. If you’re optimizing for phrases that have no bearing to the content on the page, you probably won’t succeed. If you optimize for what is actually on the page you do much better.


#2 – content on the page (keyword density). You want to provide unique information, that means don’t copy and paste from Wikipedia if you want to rank. Put it in your own words if you want to have success online.


#3 – Meta descriptions (recommended 157 char) this is what appears under your title tags in the search results. It should contain the same keywords as the title tags but expanded upon. This will allow you to rank for a few additional terms.


#4 – heading tags these act as secondary title tags and will show up in search results when properly done.


#5 – photographs, banners and any type of image on your site. If your images are optimized it can help you rank higher for search terms.


#6 Geo Tags this is something relatively new and too often overlooked. By providing your geographic location you do better in local searches.


#7 Internal Linking: Linking key phrases within your own website. This tells the search engines that this is an important phrase for your site.


If you tie all of this together you will see an improvement in your rankings over time and will be fullproof to work on SEO Ranking Factor 2018. On-Site SEO is not the end of the process by any means, it’s just telling the search engines what you want to show up for, yet in many cases it will get you first pages. For the more competitive terms there is more work needed.


This is a step far too many people skip or don’t even begin to understand. Your site should be optimized for all of the important keywords, not just a few keywords that you would search.

Your customers don’t always know what to search.

Another mistake we see all the time is just going after the peacock phrases.

By that we mean the terms with the most searches and the most obvious, while we will help you get those as well, the more specific searches should not be underestimated for building your business.

Most people will start with a very general search then if they don’t see the specific thing they are searching for right away will modify their search to include more specific terms.

It helps you to find the relevant customer for your business.


Optimization for Other Devices:


This is important both for your SEO and your site design to win the challenge of SEO Ranking Factor 2018. More and more people are using their smartphones or tablets to do searches. If your site is not optimized for smartphones your missing out on a lot of business.


Would you be more likely to call a business you looked up on your phone if you could just click a button on the site and have it load the number into your phone?

Most people like the path of least resistance don’t make your site hard for them to use and you are more likely to get the customers.


Off-Site SEO:

When you first put a site on the internet you need to do something to drive traffic to your website. That’s where off-site optimization comes in.

Google wants the most popular and reputable sites to appear at the top of the search results, one of the ways that they determine this is to review who is linking to you and how much traffic is coming into your site from other sites.

If you have not opened any inbound links and are doing anything to drive traffic other than having a site, you won’t get a lot of first pages. Certainly not any very competitive search phrases.

There are a number of ways to do this. You can request your clients to link your site if you sell B2B, Write informational content and post it on forum sites, use video optimization to drive traffic from YouTube and other video sites, and list your site in internet directories are the most common and effective means of offsite optimization.

But this is an area that can be risky, in the past many SEO companies would use the tactic post article on high DA, PA sites and get a backlink in the response because it was effective.

The problem is that Google did not like that practice and has now not only made it in-effective but now actively punishes sites with too many of these. So any off-site optimization should be clearly within was Google thinks is legitimate.

If you do something that works but is not within the spirit of what they are looking for they will eventually stop you, then you are spending a lot of money to dig yourself out of a hole. It’s best to use tactics that Google considers legitimate.

We completely avoid any tactic that Google restrict and only follow their content guidelines so that our customers will never face penalty for something that we did in our optimization.

Video Optimization:

Video optimization is also a main ranking factor of SEO and gives the great result. Creating unique videos that are embedded on your site can have a huge impact on your rankings and you know YouTube is Google product so it’s a best idea to use this service properly if you want to rank #1 in Google.

Video Optimization is also a good idea because people will watch a video before they will read the entire page, you can summarize your content and deliver your message more effectively.

We work with a top notch actor to create these videos for your site.

Link Building:

The sites with the most links tend to rank the highest. There is a little more to it than that of course. But the bottom line is that you need links and lots of them.
There are many types of links both good and bad continue reading to see what is worth doing and what you want to avoid at all costs.

Direct Inbound Links:

This is a simple link to your website from another site using your web address as the link. So a link to my site might look like or As long as your links are not coming from ware sites, adult sites, drug sales sites or gambling sits this type of link won’t ever hurt you.

Back Links:

A backlink is a link to your website using a search term that is then hyper-linked to your site. For example if you are a SEO Company in New York you might want a back link that says SEO Company New York You can get away with that if it’s in context.


Lots of people went around commenting in articles placing back links that had nothing to do with the article. It worked for a while but one thing you need to know if you can’t fool Google for long.


They considered it bad form, warned people to stop then made it so that if you kept doing it, your rankings would suffer. So when back linking makes sure you follow the rules.


Google wants you to vary these as well. If you using the same keyword, again and again, you will get hit with over optimization and maybe you will be penalized by Google.

Internal Links:

An internal link is a link from one part of your website to another part. Every site has some internal linking in the form of a menu.


Internal linking will help to understand Google what pages are relevant for search terms. Internal linking is a necessary part of any SEO strategy. An example of a internal link would be Sign up now.


That link will take you to my sign up page of course and this is another signal to Google what the page is about. Don’t use internal linking to try and rank for a keyword that’s not relevant for the page and of course don’t overdo it.

Reciprocal Links:

This is where you link from your site so another site and they link back to you. This is perfectly acceptable as long as the site you are trading links with is relevant to your site.


A link to and from the Chamber of Commerce is acceptable. Linking to suppliers or people you do business with is also acceptable. But it’s not acceptable when you make the link in bulk Google think you trying to create a link farm.


Link Farms:
This is creating a page on your site where you just have tons of links to other sites who are in turn doing the same. The best advice I can give you on link farming is DO NOT DO IT.

This used to work many years ago but it’s a really bad idea now. Google killed this a long time ago but some SEO companies are so out of date with their knowledge they still do this!


Comment Links:
I mentioned comment links earlier, If you are say a web development and you comment on an article about web development with a relevant comment then a link to your site is perfectly legitimate.


If you are a web development and you comment on an article about general contractor with a comment about spine surgery, Google will hit your site with a penalty. So if you want to comment on an article and it’s not about what you do, leave out the back link.


Article Links:
This is the best place for a back link, there are some pretty hard and fast rules about these. You can’t just repeat the same article over and over again.

You have to write a new article every time. You can write the same basic info, but it must not be worded the same. No copy and paste.

I believe there is an update on the way that will make this even harder and the penguin update already had a big impact on these types of links. They are very good when done right, another reason to hire a Seo Company Nyc.

Reputation Management:

Your online reputation is important.

it’s way too easy for some crackpot to just post anything they want online to make you look like a monster.

There are ways to get those bad reviews removed if they broke a rule when they did their post. These include telling something that is demonstrably untrue and you would be surprised at how often that happens.

Removing them is ideal but even if that’s not possible it is possible to increase your good reviews by making it easier for your customers to post them.

We can provide a single link for you to give to your satisfied customers that spread their reviews among the highest ranked review sites to improve your overall reputation score.

If when someone searches the name of your business you get Google suggested searches that are harmful to your company you need to deal with those right now.


You have no idea how many people are seeing that and just not even visiting your site. These suggested searches take some time to get solved so you need to act right away.


In the early days of the internet before spam was such an issue it was easy to keep in front of your customers, just have a newsletter for them to sign up for an viola you had a way to send them information Of course now no one signs up for newsletters any more.


Then people started offering a free report! That worked great for a while but even that has faltered here lately.


So how do you stay in front of your customers? Have you ever visited a website and then noticed adds for the site following you around the internet? If so then you have seen retargeting in action.

An important goal for any company is staying in the mind of someone once they leave your site, with retargeting you can be right in front of them as they spend time on thousands of websites including youtube and facebook.

Once you start retargeting, you will not want to stop retargeting! Try it out today and see how much it can help your business.